Dry rot and or termite damage can be a nightmare to homeowners.

     It’s never exactly welcome news. Dry rot occurs when several species of fungi encounter moist wood.  It  will usually only  occur when there is a condition of excessive water or moisture present.

At Go Construction, we are experts at Dry rot repairs.  Having worked in this field for over 15 years,  we have developed  the best available techniques for removing and repairing dry rot, while  keeping the cost factor in mind.

Additionally,  we coordinate the repairs with Structural Pest Control Inspectors to perform Section I repairs. We recommend Ron Bibler at Excellence Exterminating for such services, as they are very experienced and professional.

GO Construction can repair damage to your house from dryrot and termite damage. We make repairs that assure your problem is rectified. We use materials and construction techniques that make it viurtually impossible to tell that your house had any damage at all. We don’t cover the problem, we fix the problem