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Dry Rot Trellis / Deck

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            Before                                              After This beautiful Trellis was unfortunately designed with no flashing over main beam, therefore significant dry rot damage occurred. When water damage occurs, the damage can be horrific. Dry Rot damage caused by no top flashing Structural beams were damaged as well

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Dry Rot Damage to Siding and trim

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     Dry Rot Damage to Siding and trim A very common problem with wood siding and trim, as you may well know, is Dry Rot Damage to the trim and siding itself. If your house was built as part of a ‘tract’ or subdivision, you may well have unprimed  and  or unpainted siding behind your trim. As water enters in, bacteria and molds grow into damaging infestations ie: Dryrot. Dry rot siding and

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